The Windows Store has been an awfully busy place these past couple of months. Things had somewhat slowed down after the rush hours that followed the debut of Windows 8 and the official opening of the Windows Store.

In fact, the first few months of 2013 saw new app submissions slowing down to a trickle.

This was when Microsoft pulled off some inspiring tricks, held some app development events, launched some competitions and giveaways for coders, and convinced large developers to port their apps to the Windows 8 platform.

And the results are showing — with the Windows Store charting up another new milestone.

According to numbers provided by MetroStore Scanner, the unofficial service that keeps track of the latest Metro apps that are submitted to the Windows Store, the app repository has more than 75,000 apps available for download right now.

And not just that, the number of apps submitted to the store is also on the rise. There are days when more than a thousand applications get approved.

While there is a sure enough sign that developers have started porting their apps to Microsoft’s latest platform, it also means that the technology titan has finally convinced aspiring new developers to try their hands at coding for Windows 8.

Still a long way to go, both for the operating system and its accompanying store, but as Windows 8 increases its market share, developers will find the reach of the platform hard to ignore in the near future.

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