Another Nokia Lumia 630 Variant Shows Up At The FCC

We should all collectively thank the stars for the FCC. The communications regulatory body is the source of leaked specifications and details all seasons, and now another device has been spotted.

Nokia’s plan of launching a new entry level Windows Phone handset, in the form of the Lumia 630, are no secret, but it appears that the company is actually planning a bit of a coup — word is that the company will release no less than three variants of the smartphone.

As this report states, a new Nokia device was spotted at the FCC recently.

It comes with the model number Nokia RM-978, and chances are that is a new version of the Lumia 630. Judging by the reports of the recent past, this might be the dual SIM version of the upcoming mobile phone that was spotted as the RM-979 at the same source a little while back.

Add two and two together, and throw in another device that was sighted at the FCC last week, the one known as the Nokia RM-976, and you get three distinct handsets.

Three distinct handsets for what appears to be a truly global rollout.

If everything goes according to plan, we will have the Lumia 630 (single SIM 3G) and another Lumia 630 (dual SIM) and then finally the Lumia 635 (single SIM LTE). How’s that for a dose of rumor?

No official confirmation is provided as of this writing, but should be soon.

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