Another UK Firm Makes The Transition From Windows XP To Windows 7

The column of organizations that have upgraded from Windows XP to Windows 7 have one new addition. Poundland, a large British set up that sells everything for £1 has recently made the jump.

It has upgraded all its workstations form the aging XP to the agile Windows 7.

Microsoft is obviously ending support for the old operating system, one that is almost 12-years-old, on April 8, 2014. And the firm explains that while it also considered Windows 8 as a very potential choice, in the end the decision was made in the favor of Windows 7, as it does not require additional investments.

You know, hardware investments — either performance upgrades or touch based devices.

The IT services manager at Poundland, Matthew Sparks, said in an interview with V3:

“We have a lot of investment in Microsoft, so with this we can bring all the tool sets together under one umbrella. It offers us a single point of control for all our stores from Orkney to Penzance. That was really compelling to us.”

Office 365 is very much in the picture here too, as an increasing number of companies and organizations are choosing Microsoft’s cloud powered suite of productivity applications. But while Redmond would have liked to have seen more action on the Windows 8 front, this is still good news.

The software titan continues to maintain that Windows 8 is the most secure and fastest version of its flagship operating system to date. But getting users off the unsecure Windows XP is a win in of itself.