App Accidentally Listed For $999.99 In The Windows 8 Store

Beautiful Pictures Free is a nice little app for Windows 8 users that lets them download background images from Microsoft’s Bing search engine.

And as the name suggests, it’s supposed to be a free download.

The app is developed by Hongsong Li, who writes in the description that this being a free version may contain ads. Windows Store, however, accidently listed the app with a massive price tag of $999.99.

An honest mistake, most probably.

But that didn’t stop from noticing it (and snapping a picture) before they informed Microsoft Store and asked them to correct the error. The app is again listed as a freeware.

Which is a good thing because I really was 2.5 seconds away from making a purchase!

It is also good news for a little app that goes by the name of EMR Surface. It helps medical offices to check on data from their patients. The medical app is once again the most expensive Windows 8 app, with a price tag of $499.99.

Wonder, what app, if ever, will better this price.

  • Patrick Santry

    I’m surprised this made it through. This is no indication as to the quality of the apps in the store, or the review process. As someone who has submitted apps to the store, it is not an easy approval process. They do review each application, this was most likely a typo, and really not a big a deal.