App Watch: 500px

Long have I yearned to type this! The official 500px app has finally arrived on the Windows Store, and it is just as intuitive and engaging as it is on other competing platforms.

So much so that Microsoft took some time out to talk about this in detail on the official Windows blog. If nothing, this is a sure fire sign that large developers are finally paying attention to Microsoft’s latest operating platform, and it will not be long before everyone joins in.

For now though, the focus is on 500px. For the uninitiated, this service is one of the most popular photography and social photo sharing services around — a perfect for both pros and amateurs, not to mention people that just like to view a good shot once in a while.

Before we get into in depth detail, here is the official description:

“500px for Windows 8 brings inspiring photography to your desktop or tablet. Explore the incredible community-selected galleries and our editors’ curated selections, and stay up to date on your friend’s activity.”

This official client is completely optimized for touch, as you would expect, and provides easy access to the popular photo sharing service — account support and profile information, notifications, followers, favorites, everything is in.

However, the focus is very much on photography, and popular photos are just a click or a tap away.

Obviously, the app is absolutely free of charge and support both Windows 8 and Windows RT, with useful integration that allows sharing or searching for photos on the fly.

Click here to check out 500px on the Windows Store.