App Watch: Adobe Reader Touch

App Watch: Adobe Reader Touch

When it comes to reading PDF files, most people fancy sticking with official software from Adobe. This holds true on Windows 8 too, as is evident from the amount of times this app has been downloaded.

While Microsoft has added native support for reading PDF documents in Windows 8, it has not stopped Adobe from releasing its very own app back in December. And to great success, it must be said.

In fact, it regularly features in the top app download lists for the Windows Store, and is as of right now, the fifth most popular free app for Microsoft’s latest operating system.

This app was released as Adobe Reader, but the company has just updated it a few days back. It is now called Adobe Reader Touch, undoubtedly to differentiate from the desktop version but also to emphasize its position as a tablet oriented version of the official PDF reader.

While desktop Windows 8 users would be better off sticking to the regular Adobe Reader XI, people on a tablet may prefer downloading this minimal little app. And when I say minimal, I mean it.

While the initial release only had the ability to display and search documents, email and share files, along with basic navigation option, this new update brings in features like improved zooming for mouse users and viewing Sticky Note annotations.

Still a long way to go as far as functionality is concerned, but there is no doubt a lot of new features will be added to this app in due time.

Click here to check out Adobe Reader Touch on the Windows Store.

  • MSGeezer

    I was happy with the built in Windows PDF Reader untill I went to print a PDF! You would have thought Microsoft would have updated the app by now!

    • Fahad Ali

      Aye. One would think printing was one of the first features they’d plan out, before writing a line of code.

      • Peter Crook

        Not sure about these comments, it’s easy to print from Reader, charms, devices and that’s where you print from.