Previously flying under the name Carousel, Adobe Revel is another of the many mobile photo services. This one, however, comes from Adobe the design and multimedia software titan.

Photo syncing and basic image editing capabilities are on offer in this well designed and highly rated application. It provides options to import local photos to Revel, along with organization capabilities, synchronization of images across devices and sharing features.

You will not find a more personal sounding official description, at least from a big company:

“Have you ever wanted to see or share a photo on your smartphone and then realize that the photo’s actually on your computer or tablet, or vice-versa? If your photos were in Revel, you’d be able to access them on all your devices any time and anywhere you want!

With your photos in Revel, they’re automatically backed-up and synced to your devices like your Windows 8 tablet or laptop, iPhone, iPad, Mac, or on the web at And as you take new photos, your photo library is automatically updated, too.”

The design and UI of this free app is elegant, as you would expect.

But free is a relative word in this sense. Revel is free for the first month, and while users can continue using the app after that, they are limited to 50 photo imports every month from then on. A premium version of the service is available for $5.99 per month.

Having said that, the powerful feature set that the app offers may well justify the price for heavy users that want to upload a ton of images every month!

Easy organization, strong synchronization options are the highlights of this app — though its lack of support for ARM and somewhat heavy system requirements is not. Windows RT users may have to look elsewhere, but everyone else may want to take a look.

Click here to check out Adobe Revel on the Windows Store.

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