There is always something special about apps that center on cars and automobiles, official or otherwise. Part company brochure and part fan service, most large makers have developed applications that do a great job showcasing their luxurious vehicles.

Aston Marin is the latest to join the ranks, with its brand new app for Windows 8. The app allows users of Microsoft’s latest operating system to download magazines, view images and videos of Aston Martin cars without leaving the Modern UI.

The official description in its entirety:

“As Aston Martin celebrates its Centenary Year we provide exclusive imagery and information on both the current range and iconic heritage models. Featuring the cars which helped define Aston Martin as a truly exceptional luxury British marque that now looks forward to a second century of Power, Beauty, Soul.”

In terms of design, UI, and content the app is exactly what you would expect — dark color scheme, classy pictures and elegantly written articles. There is definite room for improvement in terms of features it offers, so fingers crossed, they are reserved for future updates.

But fans of Aston Martin (or exotic cars in general) will be pleased with the effort.

The free app supports all Windows 8 platforms (x86, x64 and ARM), and the interface of the Metro app is completely optimized for touch, making it perfect to be used on a touchscreen device.

Click here to check out Aston Martin on the Windows Store.

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