With the past few articles in the series focusing on apps pure and whole, it is now time to shift attention towards some engaging new games that have arrived on Microsoft’s flagship apps repository.

And one of the best new ones to land on the Windows Store is Awesome Zombie Sniper.

Again, this is one game that pretty much gives away its basic premise in the title. But nevertheless, for a free game (with in-app purchases) this one looks pretty neat and plays even pleasantly. The missions are straightforward enough — finish as many zombies as possible with your trusty sniper rifles.

The heart pumping official description in its entirety:

“Zombies everywhere! Survive against increasingly large waves of zombies using an arsenal of weapons. Collect credits and achievements and scavenge the infested Forest for ammunition and medipacks.”

Players earn money in the game that can be used to purchase new equipment or ammunition.

While the game is fun to play and hunting the zombies is enjoyable, there is currently only one level (dark forest) on offer. This may not be an issue the first time you play, but the lack of variety becomes an issue after some time and a few more levels would only add to the experience.

The high visual quality of the game, however, comes at a price. It is only available for the desktop versions (x86 and x64) of Windows 8, and Windows RT is not supported, as of right now.

Click here to check out Awesome Zombie Sniper on the Windows Store.

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