In the absence of official solutions, the Windows Store has more than its fair share of unofficial clients. This latest one is rather curiously named, but is a pretty good Reddit application for Windows 8.

Baconography displays a handy list of Subreddits (don’t ask) on the left, and the hot posts of a selected group make an appearance on the right side. Clicking on the Hot tab brings access to New, Top, Controversial and Rising posts.

Before we get into details, here is the official description:

“Baconography provides the complete reddit experience for people on-the-go. With a snappy UI, mutlireddit support, in app video and an in-app web content mode that strips out everything but what you want to see, you can keep up with reddit from anywhere, anytime – even without consistent internet connectivity. Baconography also brings reddit to your live tiles, and lets you customize the app to quickly display what matters to you most.”

Okay, the snappy UI comment above is a matter of taste — this app makes use of the barebones Metro style that just about cuts it. But at least the navigation is easy and well thought out.

Nevertheless, it is the feature set that matters for an unofficial client like this, and Baconography shines in this aspect. Since most of the popular Subreddits are already displayed in the sidebar, you have access to a large variety of them. But there is also an option to add in a favorite.

The included browser provides enhanced readability, and comes with an inline image viewer that works with GIF files as well. The app is regularly updated with new features, and ARM support is on offer, along with compatibility with the x86 and x64 versions of Windows 8.

Click here to check out Baconography on the Windows Store.

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