App Watch: Cat’s Catch

App Watch: Cat’s Catch

The dawn of indie gaming on the Windows Store is well and truly upon us. When it comes to gaming, up until now it has mostly been the case of developers porting their games to Windows 8.

But this is fast changing as the platform gains traction.

Independent developers are starting to unleash their creativity by designing fun and addictive casual games. One such gem is Cat’s Catch. Developed by Wooden Plank Studios, it has all the hallmarks of an enjoyable game — colorful cartoony graphics and cheerful soundtrack to go with addicting gameplay.

Here is the official description that perfectly explains the mechanics:

“In a peaceful suburb, a rogue housecat is preying on an innocent little bird! It’s your task to keep this bird safe for as long as you can. But unfortunately, this cat is pretty resourceful. If you hold out long enough, he’ll take extreme measures like throwing bombs, slashing with scythes and transforming into a wild tornado-frenzy! Do you think you have what it takes to keep the bird from becoming the Cat’s next Catch?”

While the gorgeous hand drawn visuals are a highlight, this is an example of a game that is easy to learn but hard to master, making it perfect for kids as well as adults. Collectables, unlockable characters and leaderboards complete the experience.

More importantly though, the develop promises regular updates — the latest one brought around seven new unlockable birds, a new theme along with some gameplay tweaks.

The game is a paid app but a free trial is available. So stop reading and fire up your download engines. Windows 8 on all three processors is supported, and touch optimization means that it is a perfect fit for all Windows RT devices like the new Surface 2.

Click here to check out Cat’s Catch on the Windows Store.

  • hagen.sal

    Great app, Windows store lacks apps like this one

    • Fahad Ali

      Agreed, we need plenty more games like these! And few of them may even become that killer app that may redefine the Windows Store.