Another high profile Windows 8 app has landed on the Windows Store. The popular ChaCha website is one of the largest real-time questions and answers service, and now you can have it on your Windows 8 device packaged as a Metro app.

The official ChaCha app does a good job of bringing the service to your Windows 8 device.

A handily accessible Snap View mode is available, along with sections like Answers To All Your Questions, Photo Galleries, Recent Questions and the Near Me option that lets you see what others around you are asking. Sharing options on Facebook, Twitter and email are also included.

The official description details this best:

“ChaCha is your virtual assistant on Windows 8. Ask any question and ChaCha matches you to the best possible answer. Homework, computer help, directions, advice, quotes, lyrics, anything your heart or mind desires – we’ve got the answer! With the human intelligence of ChaCha, we can even help if a word is misspelled or if you need to fill in the blanks, other apps just don’t compare.”

The design of this free app is Metro inspired, with the trademark bright red colors of the ChaCha service.

It is however, nearly not as optimized as it can be, and how other high-profile Metro apps are. So here is hoping that the UI gets a look in newer versions to make it even more accessible and user friendly. As things stand, it is perfectly fine to use and navigate — just the added gloss is missing.

But what the app misses out on form it makes it up in functionality. The app is available on all Windows 8 platforms, from x86 and x64 to ARM.

Click here to check out ChaCha on the Windows Store.

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