It was only a matter of time before an app like this showed up on the Windows Store. While Microsoft’s premier apps repository can brag about a number of quality photo editing apps, this is an impressive choice for effortlessly applying color effects on photos.

Very appropriately named, Color Splash Studio is a free app that allows you to give images a new life by selecting selective adding colors to a black and white photo.

And with support for filters, it provides unlimited options for creativity. Sample photos are included, for those that want to get a feel of the application before applying the effects on their own photos.

A snippet from the detailed and comprehensive official description:

“Color Splash Studio is a brand new photo editing application from Everimaging that allows users to bring their photos to life by selectively adding color to a black and white photo. This effect can be seen in advertisements and professionally edited photographs and gives photos a sophisticated, classy feel.

Now with Color Splash Studio, anybody can achieve this effect without spending hours working through the confusing, difficult interfaces on other editing software.”

The latest update adds an integrated album feature (as a folder) that can be used to save Color Splash photos, as well as providing easy access to the images right from the home screen.

Like most quality applications, the app is perfectly optimized for touch usage, and the interface itself is simple, elegant and easy to use.

Click here to check out Color Splash Studio on the Windows Store.

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