One look at the exotically named, Craigslist deLUXE Pro, and it becomes plain evident that this is one of those apps where the developers know exactly what they are doing.

Not only is it beautifully designs, it is also packs in anything and everything you would expect from an application of this sorts. All the necessary features are in, supporting all the cities, states and countries on the Craigslist website, along with neighborhood support in metropolitan areas.

Before we get ahead of ourselves, here is the official description:

“Craigslist deluxe Pro is a fast, intuitive, sophisticated organization of Craigslist for your Windows Tablet or PC. With this application, one can browse all Craigslist’s categories and listings, add favorites, save searches, view maps to locate listings, and share favorite listings with friends.”

The feature list does not end here, though. The app supports alerts, sharing, history, search, sort, full-screen photos, email replies — the whole enchilada! Makes one wonder where the developers have anything left in the tank for future updates, so comprehensive is the feature set.

The free app is highly-rated and one of the most-downloaded ones available on Microsoft’s app repository. And to think this isn’t even the official app for the classified website.

And as you would expect it supports all versions of Windows 8, including x86, x64 and ARM, though like most Windows 8 apps, it is optimized for touch based input.

Click here to check out Craigslist deLUXE Pro on the Windows Store.

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