Maybe it’s the fact that large developers are coding (and testing) their upcoming apps and tools for Windows 8.1, but there has been a steady inflow of exciting new games on the Windows Store these past few weeks.

In fact, gaming apps have started to steal the spotlight from regular ones, at least for the time being.

Another new engaging casual game that has just arrived for Windows 8 is called DeadBase. The name sounds something straight out of a computer programing language, but the game is actually a free arcade style zombie shooter.

The official description has almost everything you need to know:

“It puts you in an endless and randomly generated network of underground catacombs, filled with infected soldier zombies. Progress by finding keys and unlocking doors, if you run out of keys – don’t worry, you can always just blow up the environment to access new areas.”

The in-game environment is appropriately scary. Black is the color of choice here, and the darkness adds a lot to the atmosphere as you sweep through randomly generated underground locations. Finding keys amidst an army (literally and figuratively, speaking of course) of undead is where the fun lies.

Dynamic lightening and destructible environments along with an arsenal of 8 weapons seal the deal.

The game, as you would expect, works best on touchscreen devices, though keyboard and mouse control options are obviously offered. Sadly, it currently only supports x86 and x64 versions of Windows 8, meaning Windows RT users are out of luck.

Click here to check out DeadBase on the Windows Store.

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