When it comes to games, there never is a shortage of tower defense games for Windows 8. A healthy number of such strategy titles are available, which is a testament to the popularity of the genre.

Defense Zone 2 is another such title, where your task as a player is to prevent enemy forces from breaking through — and this military themed tower defense game allows you to build weapon stations along the road to do just that.

A selection of the official description:

“Greater variety of weaponry and landscape types gives you huge freedom in choosing your battle tactics. Choose the right weapon type and position to make sure your defense is effective.

Airstrikes and the possibility of temporarily increasing weapon power can give you the advantage, and guarantee you will never get bored in the battle process.”

The game features a number of enemies of different kinds, along with a strong arsenal of weapons that can be deployed. And of course, upgrades and power attacks are also on offer.

The graphics are the real highlight of the game, which itself offers enough challenge to keep users entertained for quite a while. While it retails for $4.99, a free demo version is available that help users get a feel of the game before they splash their cash.

And if you are wondering, the game supports all versions of Windows 8, including Windows RT.

Click here to check out Defense Zone 2 on the Windows Store.

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