The title of this app may not be the most inspired or creative one around, but it takes nothing away from the very impressive feature set Dictionary for Windows 8 has to offer.

In simpler terms, this app brings it.

Powered by, this well designed app presents a bunch of comprehensive dictionaries in English and 12 other languages. In addition to that, it can translate words into more than 40 different languages

Here is the official description in its entirety:

“Get the power of, the world’s most comprehensive dictionary. Search multiple English dictionaries, all from the most trusted sources. Access dictionaries in English, Spanish, and 12 other languages, and translate words into more than 40 languages.

Read daily articles, add words to Favorites, and even share your favorite content via social networks and email. Plus play word games and customize your homepage with local weather and more.”

But looking up word is only part of the feature set available. This highly rated and highly downloaded app includes daily articles, favorite words, and the ability to share favorite content via social networks. The developers have even thrown in a few word games and local weather.

Along with serving as a very valuable reference option, Dictionary brings fresh daily content that is highly engaging. The interface is multilingual, and the app makes full use of exclusive Windows 8 features like Live Tiles and Charms.

The app is completely touch optimized, and all version of Windows 8 are supported (including Windows RT), making this a pretty nifty option for Surface RT owners.

Click here to check out Dictionary on the Windows Store.

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