Creative souls among you will absolutely love this app. There are a handful of art and drawing tools available on the Windows Store, but few, if any compare to this one.

Simply put, Didlr is a drawing and sharing app.

The app allows you to draw on your PC, tablet, smartphone or using the web via simple controls, and then share your masterpieces with friends, followers and contacts on social networks. Touchscreen, digital ink or the good old mouse pointer can be used to create art.

Here is a selection from the official description:

“So you draw a ‘didl’ on your screen using simple controls. Didls are cool, they draw back just the way they were drawn. Didl ANYTHING. Draw what you see, draw how you feel. Draw stuff that inspires you and others. Use your amazing imagination. Draw anything you want to share!”

If there was a social network for casual creative art, then this is it.

Not only are the drawing features an impressive mix of options (you can take or choose a photo and trace over it, for instance), the sheer variety of possible art styles is awe inspiring. Users even earn Medls for creating and sharing art.

The free app comes with plenty of social features that allow users to instantly share their creations with the world via email or instant messengers. User can also take a look at the latest trends right within the app using the stream.

All versions of Windows 8 are supported — including ARM based ones making this app a perfect fit for touch and tablet usage as well as PCs and smartphones.

Click here to check out Didlr on the Windows Store.

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  • Jonathon Jeffery

    Erm, ok! They couldn’t call it Doodlr?
    Don’t think I would want to draw anything for my daughter on this app, for fear she might go to school the next day and say “my daddy didld me”. o_0

    • Fahad Ali

      LOL, nice one! 😀