While the fact that the best things in life are free is somewhat debatable, but there is no denying that the best things in life are simple. Simple, efficient and uncluttered, just like this little app here.

While other mobile platforms have made a name for themselves with digital clocks and nightstand apps, Windows 8 is also getting its fair share of such applications. And one of the best ones you can download right now on the Windows Store is called Digital Nightstand.

The official description details it best:

“Turn your Tablet or PC into a beautiful clock that sits on your bedside. Set the alarms so that you don’t miss your morning coffee or favorite ball game. Digital Nightstand will guide you through the dark corners of your home by turning into a convenient flashlight. A cool snapped view will ensure that you can multitask efficiently. Stay upto date with news, facebook and weather updates. A must have.”

Not sure about this being a must have for PC users, but for folks using a tablet this is one download that makes all the sense in the world.

The interface of this app is unassuming, yet helpfully optimized. Everything is a click or a tap away, and users can check time, set alarms, view Facebook, news and weather updates straight on the screen. This free app also offers the ability to set alarm sound of choice.

Like all quality apps, this one supports all modern versions of Windows, including ones based on ARM. Its touch enhanced functionality makes it an ideal choice for tablet owners.

Click here to check out Digital Nightstand on the Windows Store.

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