App Watch: Doo

If there is one category that has the potential to really showcase just how dynamic the Windows 8 platform is, it’s the Productivity section on the Windows Store.

While no one can argue that Windows is the most productive of all operating systems, thanks to the countless software programs that are available for it, the Metro side of Microsoft’s flagship OS is still not totally there yet. But with apps like Doo it is slowly getting there.

This is labeled as the document app — this creatively named tool lets users access all their documents, whether they are stored locally or in the cloud, and automatically generates intelligent tags.

The official description does it for me:

“You can import local document folders from your desktop as well as connect online services such as Google Drive, Dropbox and your email accounts. Intelligent algorithms automatically identify relevant keywords and tag your documents.

Based on these intelligent tags you can find any document in seconds with the most advanced document search! The optional doo Cloud allows you to safely backup your documents and keep them in sync on all your devices.”

The first time you use the app, it becomes clear that this is a professional solution. The design is light and breezy, the keywords and algorithms intelligent. The app can be used offline or integrated with the doo Cloud service that ensures a secure backup of the documents.

Business users and people that deal with lots of documents at once will love the power search on offer that can be used to find any document in a flash.

And like all quality solutions, the free app offers support for all flavors of Microsoft’s modern operating system is on offer, including ARM based ones.

Click here to check out Doo on the Windows Store.