One of the more interesting new apps to land on the Windows Store is Draw & Guess, a simple game that has users drawing and guessing words. The game can be played with friends, other players or even by the user.

Notably, this highly-rated (five star rating currently) and popular free game is backed up a full service at the backend, with drawing contests, the ability to rate other candidates — all sorts of social features that can be unlocked via either a Microsoft or Facebook account.

The official description details everything:

“Draw for other players and guess their drawings. Enter the daily drawing contest or rate the contest candidates to determine which drawing gets featured. If you just love drawing, draw anything and share it with others, or if you enjoy guessing other players’ drawings, check out the free guess mode and watch masterpieces come to life stroke by stroke.”

The interface is pleasingly fun and the Landing Page offers access to all sorts of functions from one convenient location. The drawing tools are simple and unassuming, making them perfect for people of all ages to jump right in.

Draw & Guess supports all versions of Windows 8, including ARM based devices, and with a completely touch optimized interface, is perfect for tablet users.

Click here to check out Draw & Guess on the Windows Store.

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