Other competing mobile platforms may be brimming with piano and music apps, but this cannot be said yet for Windows 8. The Windows Store does have a few quality ones though, and this is one of the finest it has to offer.

Going by a mouthful of a name, ElectricPiano8 is a light and simple app that brings two realistic pianos to your Windows 8 device. Optimized for touch based usage, this application boasts a neat UI, and authentic sounds.

Here is the light and simple official description:

“Electric Piano8 are two realistic electric pianos for your Windows 8 device. Simply select your octave with arrows and play with real sounds!”

The app may be moderately light on features, but what is on offer is pretty solid. Playback of 31 simultaneous notes with stereo quality sound is promised, and the app delivers on this promise with relative ease.

This free app has been on the Windows Store for quite some time now, and has raked up a substantial number of downloads and an equally high rating. And though it is updated once in a while with subtle enhancements, the potential for new features is as clear as the morning sky.

For what it is though, you will not find many piano apps on Windows 8 that better this one in its current state. All three Windows 8 processors are supported, namely x86, x64 and ARM.

Click here to check out ElectricPiano8 on the Windows Store.

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