Here is an interesting little app for those that want to brush up and polish their English language skills. Brought to the Windows Store by British Council, this app is the downright best starting point for both intermediate and advanced English students.

English Club offers a highly engaging mix of tutorials (divided up into levels) along with interactive games and activities to practice the skills — multiple choice questions, stories, hangman, jumbled words, everything is included in this popular and highly rated application.

The official description is fittingly detailed for a language app like this:

“English Club contains a range of fun-filled language learning resources presented in an entertaining and often humorous format through animated videos. These include: basic words, advanced words, business terms, hangman, jumbled words, stories for kids etc – all of which you can access to learn English and have fun on the go!

You will learn new vocabulary, be able to identify the meaning of select words and idioms, spell and pronounce the words correctly and practice their usage in active situations. You can also monitor your progress and compete with others using the same app!”

The design and UI is expectedly Metro down to the very last every pixel. Rich black background, large boxes and icons and modern fonts are paired with colorful characters and appealing cartoon illustration. If only learning other languages were this fun.

English Club is available for free on all flavors of Windows 8 — including ARM. The touch optimized interface makes it an absolutely perfect choice for tablet owners that want to learn English.

Click here to check out English Club on the Windows Store.

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