App Watch: Envvied

There is a fair selection of shopping apps available on the Windows Store, and most of them are from large retails and online stores. But if you are always on the lookout for some of the latest fashion, or ideas on what to buy then the Envvied app may be worth a download.

The official app of the website brings the functionality of the site to Windows 8. Envvied community aims to links looks (photos of apparel) to shopping sites where they can be purchased, serving as not just a facility, but also inspiration.

The official description is brief, yet to the point:

“Envvied is the first app on the Windows Store that allows you to browse and shop directly from some of the hottest photos online. Join the community of fashion lovers and be inspired!”

As far as free apps go, the design and functionality of Envvied is terrific. A large list of looks is displayed right on the front page of the app — that a user can go through. Clicking or tapping on a look reveals more information about it.

This usually includes a larger image, along with a selection of links from where to buy that particular item. The emphasis of Envvied is on simplicity, and it shows throughout the application.

The app was recently released to good reception, and supports all three Windows 8 platforms, including x86, x64 and ARM, though obviously it is optimized for touch.

Click here to check out Envvied on the Windows Store.