What, you were expecting something different? One of the most important Metro app releases of all time has finally made its way to the Windows Store, and it only makes sense to review the official Facebook app for Windows 8.

There were rumors that the social network would release its dedicated app for Microsoft’s flagship OS at Windows 8.1 launch, and true to speculation, the company unleashed it. As we covered it earlier, the app has finally made its way to the Windows Store.

Before we get into the nuts and bolts of the app, here is the one liner official description:

“Keeping up with your friends is easier and more convenient than ever with the official Facebook app.”

Microsoft is actually currently showcasing the app in the spotlight section of the Windows 8.1 Store, and the free app can be downloaded for both desktop computers and Windows RT based tablets, including Redmond’s very own Surface.

This is a fully featured app, with plenty of options including notifications when friends like and comment on photos. Updates, as expected, are brought right to the Start Screen.

Users can also easily share their photos and status updates, initiate chats and start group conversations without leaving the Modern UI. The official app also allows users to post messages and see what their friends are doing by simply firing up the app.

Keep in mind, though, that the app is only available on Windows 8.1 — but hey, not many Windows 8 users will stay away from the free 8.1 upgrade for far too long, so this is probably not a bad thing.

Click here to check out Facebook on the Windows Store.

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  • http://gplus.to/Tarkus Tarkus

    It actually shows up for me in Windows 8 (as a featured app), but it won’t let me download it, saying it’s incompatible with my system.

    • http://www.learnabouttheweb.com/ Onuora Amobi

      What system do you have?

      • http://gplus.to/Tarkus Tarkus

        Windows 8 64-bit on an HP laptop. Here’s a screen shot of the Facebook app screen.

      • http://gplus.to/Tarkus Tarkus

        And here’s my current Store home screen.

    • Fahad Ali

      Very true, Windows 8.1 exclusive apps will show up for Windows 8 users, but will ask them to upgrade to the new operating system. Article updated, thanks!