App Watch: FlowDoku

The success of the mobile revolution has got as much to do with simplicity as with complexity. There are countless advanced apps, but quite often it is the simple ones that find the most success.

Part of it has got to do with habits, and devices they are used on. Desktop software can afford to be as complex as the developers want, but easy elegance is the hallmark of mobile apps and games. Take this one for instance, FlowDoku, that slickly fuses the popular Sudoku puzzles with flowchart symbols.

The result is a challenging (yet relaxing) casual game that has you placing symbols on the game board that match simple rules, which are explained to you in the beginning.

Here is the most official of descriptions:

“FlowDoku – a puzzle of beautiful shapes, brilliantly arranged. Imagine Sudoku re-invented as a game of colorful shapes, where you use two simple rules and logic to uncover the linked groups of squares, triangles and diamonds. This brand-new, totally original puzzle will keep you endlessly entertained with its simplicity and challenge.”

This free app offers a large selection (over 200) of puzzles that can be played — each with increasing difficulty as the game boards and shapes increase with time.

The simple and minimalistic presentation means input works dandy on all screen sizes. Since typing is not required and there are only a few shapes, the game allows players to sit back, relax, and focus on solving the puzzles instead of worrying about details.

All flavors of Windows 8 are supported by this touch optimized game, including ARM based ones.

Click here to check out FlowDoku on the Windows Store.