It has been a while since this column has featured apps for toddlers. Well, little ones in the house can now party with this neat and well-designed Windows 8 application.

Funny Animals may be a simple and as colorful as apps get these days, but it should provide a joyous few hours for kids. And of course, learning some new words comes on the house. As the name and image above suggests this little gaming app features interactive cartoony animals.

The rocking and rolling official description:

“’Funny Animals’ app let your kids explore an amazing world of animals. This app features several interactive pictures which become alive when kids touch them – there are funny animal animations, sounds and also animal names and descriptions in several languages.”

A variety of scenes are included, including locations like farm, forest, savannah, desert, and even dinosaurs and fairytales. And the animals come alive with a simple touch.

This charming little free app has three modes on offer to keep the little ones engaged — Learning, Quiz and Puzzle, all three pretty self-explanatory. Simple but funny animations, sounds combine with animal names in English to make learning fun.

New scenes are added occasionally, and the app supports all versions of Windows 8, meaning owners of Windows RT powered tablets can install it without a hitch.

Click here to check out Funny Animals on the Windows Store.

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