Search engine giant is playing hard with Windows 8, and has already announced that it has no plans to develop and release official apps for the platform. But luckily, several alternatives exist in the Windows Store, including a brand new and well-received solution by the name of Gmail Touch.

As you may already have guessed by the name, the app has been developed to allow Gmail users to make the most of their touch enabled computers and devices, and access the email service with just a few simple taps. The short (and excited) official description reads:

“Gmail Touch is a mail client for Windows 8. View your inbox, compose messages, search your mail, and more!”

The simple app allows you to view your inbox and other folders in your Gmail account, as well as read and compose messages. With operating system integration built-in, it also provides you with the ability to search your emails using the Windows 8 Search Charm.

Plus it also comes with the always helpful snap view support.

One thing worth asking here is whether Google (and other trademark holders) will object to the unlicensed use of their trademark in naming the app. Google’s relationship with Microsoft is already shaky, so you never know.

But hey, the app developer itself goes by the name of WindowsApps, so what can you say! The app supports all Windows 8 builds — x86, x64 and ARM.

Click here to check out Gmail Touch on the Windows Store.

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  1. Its not smart that google is not producing apps for windows 8, that I think is a big mistake

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