One of the most remarkable of things the mobile revolution has initiated is fostering creativity in individuals. There is an ever growing list of games for smartphones and tablets that have been developed by independent coders.

The Windows 8 platform is also seeing its fair share of action in this regards.

One of the newer titles to mark its arrival on the Windows Store comes with an unassuming title of Hedges. This free puzzle game makes great use of old school graphics and simple controls to offer an engaging gameplay experience.

Here is a look at the straight and simple official description:

“Your hedge mazes have been taken over by terrifying monsters! As the maze caretaker, it’s your job to navigate these tricky mazes and rescue any children you find. You may need to take your electric hedge trimmer with you, just in case monsters spot you.”

As noted above, the objective is simple — monsters, hedges, children, your trusty old electric hedge trimmer and you. All you have to do is best the mazes in day and night mode. The 48 levels are filled with hidden secrets, and there are two dozen bonus levels on offer too.

This adventure game is currently only available on the x86 and x64 versions of Windows, meaning Surface RT owners (and other Windows RT tablet users) are out of luck.

Click here to check out Hedges on the Windows Store.

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  1. can’t find it in windows store.

    • Whoops! 🙁 The problem is that not all apps are always available in the local versions of Windows Store. If you can’t find a particular one that you like, just hope that the developer releases it in your local version of the store soon.

  2. Developer here

    First off, thanks for featuring Hedges! I wish I saw this post earlier.

    martin: Apologies that you couldn’t find it. Submitting to windows is an arduous task and I had to leave some countries off to make it easier.

    Good news though, Hedges is now available on iPhone and iPad for free, and has even more features and is more polished than it’s Windows 8 version.

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