Ah, jigsaw puzzles. The mere mention of the name takes one back to childhood days, with nary a care of the world, and spending countless hours assembling puzzles.

Now you can enjoy nearly the same experience on your shiny new Windows 8 device, courtesy of this very well designed app. The emphasis of this game is on HD, the included images are in high definition, allowing for an engaging experience sorting out the various puzzles.

The official description details the game perfectly:

“Jigsaw Puzzles HD is an addicting jigsaw puzzle game, designed for both tablets and PCs. It features stunning, high-resolution images (2560×1600) that look great on any device.

The game is really simple but we put a lot of effort to make it the best in the marketplace. We’ve included several unique features, that will let you enjoy playing puzzles as never before.”

The free game includes a variety of images, and more are regularly added, meaning there is always something new to play. And with the ability to customize the game from the number of pieces, to rotation and more, advanced players can easily change the difficulty level.

While optimized for touch based usage, the game can easily be played with a mouse.

The overall design of the game is on the simpler side of things — no fancy visuals and fancy graphics here. But the gameplay, as you would expect, is sublime. It works perfectly smooth on all Windows 8 platforms, including ARM.

Click here to check out Jigsaw Puzzles HD on the Windows Store.

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