It is time to take a look at a fun little Windows 8 app. Keep Calm Generator lets users easily create posters in the popular style of Keep Calm and Carry On.

The app allows users to easily create posters — complete with the ability to edit text, graphics and visuals. Created posters can be shared with friends on websites and social networks.

Here is the official description:

“Now you can create posters style “KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON” in a simple and effective way. We have more than 280 icons choose. With this app you are able to modify the text, background color and icon.

You’ll get a very professional posters made ​​by yourself, and of course, you can share on social networks and save as an image for you to take to wherever you want. Keep Calm Generator is an application that you must have because it is simply spectacular and you’ll get professional results.”

While the app could use a little design and UI uplift, it still offers a wealth of content with the highlight being a reasonably large gallery of icons that can be used to create a poster. More than 280 unique icons are included, as is the ability to add a background image.

Live Tiles support comes standard, as is for multiple views like landscape, portrait, snap and fill. This free app supports all versions of Windows 8, including the ARM based Windows RT.

Click here to check out Keep Calm Generator on the Windows Store.

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