Another one for the young ones! Windows 8 apps for toddlers and young children are constantly growing, and this one is sure to keep the kids occupied as they solve puzzle after puzzle.

Nothing fancy is on offer here — this is a simple, well-made memory game with cartoony cards. The idea is to flip two cards at a time and find the matching pairs.

Here is a detailed little official description:

“The classic card memory game with original cartoon pictures. The game is known all over the world under various names such as memory, concentration, pexeso, or simply pairs. The goal is to flip two cards at a time and find matching pictures.

The game is intended mainly for kids from 3 to 9, but anyone can play to test and train his/her memory. You can choose 8 distinct board sizes ranging from 2×2 up to 4×7.”

The mechanics are simple (at least simpler than the title of the app), but the thing that seals the deal is the crisp and colorful presentation without any stuff and fluff. Multiple card categories are on offer, along with a variety of board sizes for increasing difficulty levels.

The app contains no ads, and comes with one set of pictures containing 25 animal images. The other sets can be purchased for a small price from within the app.

This free app is available for all versions of Windows 8, including Windows RT. And it is completely optimized for touch, making it a good option for usage on tablet and touch enabled devices.

Click here to check out Kids’ Puzzle Memory Game on the Windows Store.

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