The Windows Store, early stage of life it is in, offers several tools designed to help users with computing or productivity related tasks. But notable kitchen or food applications that serve the purpose are few and far between.

One prominent app that helps with this is KitchenTools, a free application that is offers help with kitchen related tasks. It offers a package of four tools, each with a varying degree of usefulness — a Recipe Book, Unit Converter, Weekly Menu Planner and Shopping List.

The official description is as simple as they come:

“Kitchen Tools is a handy and light app that helps you keep your cooking and shopping organized. It includes 4 tools: Recipe Book, Unit Converter, Weekly Menu Planner and Shopping List.”

While the form of these tools is perfectly serviceable (no fancy bells and whistles here, just a simple Metro user interface) the functionality leaves a bit to be desired. Items, for example, can be easily added to the Shopping List, but the app lacks an option to print out the information.

But here’s hoping this is improved in future revisions of the app.

As things stand, KitchenTools is well worth checking out, more so on a tablet device that can easily be scuttled to the kitchen when doing cooking. It supports all versions of Windows 8 including ARM.

Click here to check out KitchenTools on the Windows Store.

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  • Andy Heaps

    Sounds lovely and simple, the unit converter is a feature that I wouldn’t automatically expect, but which I definitely love seeing!