Microsoft Research may be developing its very own advanced hair manipulation technology, but in the mean time you can try out some very photorealistic results using this app that recently arrived on the Windows Store.

Dubbed Midas, this well designed app is a virtual hair studio — it allows you to try on hairstyles and hair colors on either your own photos or the included models. More than 25 hairstyles are included, each categorized by length.

The official description:

“Ever wanted to know how a hairstyle would suit you? Bored of taking blind decisions at a salon? Stuck with the same look for too long? No more. Choose Your Change with MIDAS.

Choose from a range of hairstyles categorized according to length, and play with realistic hair colors. Not only can you try on global hair colors, but you can also streak the hair with multiple colors. Download the app and say good bye to bad hair days!”

While the app is pretty useful in its current state, there is no doubt that with future updates it can be made even better. The features and options are pretty neat, including the ability to compare before and after looks as well as saving them, but there is a need for a wider selection of hair styles.

The interface of this free app is simple and distinctly black, and the app supports Windows 8 on all processors, from x86 and x64 to ARM, making it perfect for tablet usage.

Click here to check out Midas on the Windows Store.

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  1. Thanks for telling me. I’ll need more hair soon.

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