App Watch: Modern File Explorer

The future of Metro file explorers is very much up in the air, with the news that Microsoft is developing its very own solution to manage files from right within the modern UI of Windows 8 and Windows RT.

For now though, Microsoft’s latest platforms do not offer this functionality.

And this has provided users with a number of really interesting choices when it comes to file manager replacements — some featuring simple and straightforward designs, while others combining impressive features with appealing interfaces.

We have covered a few free solutions in the past, but here is a paid option that goes by the name of Modern File Explorer.

The official description sounds enthusiastic enough:

“Allows you to easily navigate your file system using a tree view/list view with or without touch. Copy, move, rename, create and delete files and folders. Also supports sharing so you can share your files with other Windows Store apps so you can email files etc.

Allows you to manipulate files anywhere on your computer, including removable media such as USB drives, and also network drives (mapped or UNC path) or on SkyDrive.”

The app can easily be used on both traditional desktops and tablets, and it packs in a number of really useful features like sharing from within other apps, drag and drop of files, management of files and folders, along with the ability to launch files, search, sort and pin folders.

You also get SkyDrive support, with the option of effortlessly managing files in the cloud. As noted above the app retails for $1.99, but is an excellent choice for those that live and breathe within the Metro interface of Windows 8.

Click here to check out Modern File Explorer on the Windows Store.