You’ve got to admit when Microsoft develops games, it develops them good. Though game development has been out of the spotlight at Redmond recently, the software titan has delivered some great titles over the years.

And it still follows up with new in-house developed titles every now and then.

One of its more popular games in the touchscreen era is a puzzle game that goes by the name of Monsters Love Candy. The objective remains simple, best detailed in the official description:

“Swipe and match colorful candy to feed the cutest monsters on Windows 8 in the sweetest puzzle game of the year! Find, feed, and adopt more than 170 unique monsters and uncover their powers!

Professor Brown has discovered adorable monsters that evolve when they eat candy! Travel the world in search of monsters in 70 levels and 5 locations, including forests, deserts, caves, and more. Use innovative new chain combo swipe and match gameplay to form fast and fun Big Chains! With only 60 seconds on the clock, can you master your monster’s special powers? Fun boosts: Sugar Bombs, Super Swipe, Star Blossom, and more!”

Microsoft just released version 3.0 of game, bringing new currency offers along with improvements in cloud save state. Multiplayer notification for users also gets a new polish with Xbox Live support.

Additionally, Microsoft has introduced balance and tuning adjustments along with bug fixes, which should provide improved stability and faster loading time on all Windows 8 platforms. And yes, the app flies through whether used on a desktop computer or Windows RT tablet.

The game is available for free, so make sure you download this as soon as you can.

Click here to check out Monsters Love Candy on the Windows Store.

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  1. Yeah, fun game for the family, like all the Windows 8-Xbox profile games.

    Also: Gravity Guy, Jetpack Joyride, iStunt 2, Drift Mania 2 (this one is not xbox titel), Taptiles, Wordament, and more…..

    • Aye, great list. I’ve got a feeling Windows apps are set to explode in the next year or so, as more and more developers will notice the platform as it increases its market share.

      Just let it hit double figures. A 10 percent market for Windows 8 will be massive.

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