There has been a sudden influx of freeware games on the Windows Store, with many developers offering free titles or trial versions of games that can then be unlocked after clearing certain levels.

And a brand new game has just unseated Disney from the leading spot this week in the top free games category. The House of Mouse had a bona fide hit on its hands in the form of Where’s My Water?

But now Mortar Melon is the new leader, followed by other titles like Microsoft Solitaire Collection, Halo Spartan Assault Lite, and Cut the Rope rounding up the top five. Mortar Melon plays as crazy as it sounds with spectacular physics and richly illustrated visuals.

The official description reads:

“Drag the mortar, aim, and fling the melon to collect the fruit! Whizzing through the air you’ll fly across the world, tapping and dragging your environment to release the juicy goods! Look out for pointy objects or you’ll explode on impact, sending melony chunks and pips flying! It’s a crazy, fruity, physics machine – launching its way onto Windows 8!”

A total of 24 free levels are on offer, with more available for unlocking via in-app purchase.

And as noted above, the objective is as simple as it gets — avoiding the saws while finding your way through levels to collect fruits. The impressive physics really add to the gameplay experience, allowing players to tumble and bounce between windmills and sharp circular saws.

Like all good titles, this one supports all versions of Windows 8, including ARM based ones.

Click here to check out Mortar Melon on the Windows Store.

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