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There are some apps that give you all there is to know in the title. Most of them are quickly cooked up by amateur developers. Movie Poster Quiz is one such app, the only difference is that it not only promises good things but also delivers.

This free app, as you may have guessed, is all about movie posters. The quiz throws up a movie poster from a famous film (close to 400 movies are included) asking you to input the name of the movie.

Here is the official description:

“Are you an authentic movie fan? Guess the posters of all kind of different movies from different decades, from the most recent to the good old classics. Test your knowledge and discover your skills with this entertaining and fun App! If there is any film you don’t know make use of the hints that appear on the bottom of each poster.”

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As noted above, plenty of hints are available if you are stuck, and the quiz itself is divided into levels. Correctly answering a set number of questions unlocks a higher, more difficult level.

The design of the app is, shall we say, satisfactory — nothing special, but the movie themed UI gets a player in the mood. It is all Metro, however, and not the best implementation of it. But it gets the job done. The real value of the app is, after all, in the content on offer.

Movie Poster Quiz supports all versions of Windows 8 including ARM, and although the interface is touch optimized, it works just as fine with plain old keyboards.

Click here to check out Movie Poster Quiz on the Windows Store.

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