While Windows 8 comes with built-in security, and is inherently more secure than previous iterations of the operating system, it is never a bad idea to add another layer of protection, particularly when you consider how much malware spreads through social sites.

Security company, Symantec, has put together at nice little app just for this purpose. Norton Satellite is a lightweight and free of clutter solution to stay on the safe side all the time.

The app is available with a freeware license, and adds one more security layer to your computer as it scans your Facebook and Twitter feeds for any malicious links straight from the Metro UI.

And that is not all. Norton Satellite also supports Dropbox accounts, and checks all items stored in the cloud for malware. This is particularly helpful before you share files with friends and contacts.

As the app page describes, the app checks EXE, DLL and MSI files for malicious content.

Like all quality apps, Norton Satellite supports all Windows 8 builds (x86, x64 and ARM), although local hard disks and external storage scan options do not work on Windows RT tablets, including Surface RT. Fingers crossed, this feature is added in a future update.

The interface of the app is big and bright, with helpful icons and display of information, including when a particular option was last scanned.

Click here to check out Norton Satellite on the Windows Store.

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