App Watch: Norton Zone Cloud File Sharing

Symantec sure is one company that was quick to embrace the concept of Windows apps. And now it seems that the security firm is all ready to run away with it.

Elaborately-named, Norton Zone Cloud File Sharing, is one of the many apps that all Windows 8 users to manage their files store in the cloud. But what is unique about this particular solution is that is promises to make the whole process a fair bit more secure.

Here is a short and to-the-point official description:

“Norton Zone powered by Symantec is a FREE personal cloud service that lets you safely share your photos, videos, and documents from your computer, smartphone, and tablet. Norton Zone lets you decide who can access your folders, so you can keep your Stuff private when you share.”

The free app allows anyone to safely share any file, anywhere. Every single file is automatically scanned for viruses and malware before sharing, and the app also provides synchronization option across all Windows 8 devices.

The design of the app is refreshing, in line with other apps from Symantec.

Users get 5GB of online storage capacity for free, with the option of purchasing additional storage from the official page easily and effortlessly, making this a valid alternate for utilizing the cloud for files.

Click here to check out Norton Zone Cloud File Sharing on the Windows Store.