App Watch: nSquared Chemistry

I may have a thing for video games, but I like educational games even better. Not as much for myself as for the young students and little learners. There are a few simple ones on the Windows Store already, but here is another such creative gaming app.

Going by the name of nSquared Chemistry, this is an educational game that is great for learning the basic chemistry concepts and can be played with up to four players at once. While the app is available for free, there are different activity packs that are available for purchase.

The official description keeps things rather simple:

“nsquared chemistry is an educational game to be enjoyed by up to four players at once!

In a collaborative lab, players can create any element on the periodic table and use those elements to create a compound in the middle of the screen. Each exercise has players creating a new compound.”

The latest update to the app fixes a touch compatibility bug that affected high density screens like the one on the Surface Pro and other high resolution devices.

Unfortunately, the app only supports the x86 and x64 processors, and Windows RT support is not on offer. To be honest this has been a recent trend, but that probably has got as much to do with the complexity of these newer apps as for the limited popularity of the RT platform.

Click here to check out nSquared Chemistry on the Windows Store.