Thinking about classic games makes one wonder which, if any, of the currently popular titles will make it as unofficial clones ten, twenty years down the road. For now, though, there are a handful of such games from the early days of video gaming that have attained this classic status.

And when it comes to vintage games, none are bigger than Pac-Man.

There are a bunch of Pac-Man clones available in the Windows Store, some more funky and wacky than the others, but Pac-Man 80 is a straight-up, to-the-core reproduction of the classic.

Here is the official description of the game in its entirety:

“You certainly know Pac-Man. This little mysterious ball which was created 1980 comes back on your favorites devices ! This reproduction of the Namco best-selling game perfectly match the arcade game from the 80′.”

As noted above the, this is an accurate reproduction of the classic game — with no extra bells and whistles, no changes or updates to the design, sprites or even gameplay.

But the thing about these clones is that you never know when the axe may fall on them. Namco is active on the Windows Store with a few games, but the gaming giant is obviously letting these go fly for now.

This free game can be played with either a keyboard or the touchscreen, and works fine on Windows 8 on all processors, x86, x64 and ARM.

Click here to download Pac-Man 80 on the Windows Store.

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