Ever since its release back in 2010, the fan-favorite Pac-Man Championship Edition DX has received universal acclaim on a number of platforms, including Windows Phone.

NAMCO has finally brought the Pac-Man Championship Edition DX to Windows 8 and Windows RT, and the title combines blazingly cool neon visuals with several gaming modes to put together a truly unique experience.

The core concept still says the same, with our funky character, Pac-Man, travelling through mazes collecting dots and avoiding those nasty ghosts. But several (visual and gameplay) enhancements make it one of the most addictive titles around.

A number of game modes are included, from “Score Attack” where you must collect as many points as possible in a given amount of time and the “Time Trials” mode requires you to clear a maze as fast as you can.

And finally, the “Ghost Combo” mode has you gobbling ghosts instead of dots, while devouring Power Pellets.

You can run it on all Windows 8 devices, from x86, x64 and ARM builds of Windows.

The only downside is the high price of $9.99, which while in line with other platforms, would have worked much better if it was lower. By the same token, a short free trial version would also have been great. Still, this is a solid title and a high-quality addition to Microsoft’s app repository.

Click here to check it out Pac-Man Championship Edition DX on the Windows Store.

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