There are advanced apps and there are plain simple ones. Fun is not exclusive to either, and there are times when the most fun can be had in the most basic of concepts, the most basic of apps.

One such application for Windows 8 is Photo Quizz. Quirky title aside, this is a simple app that, as the name says, has users guessing photos by revealing the image tile by tile. The fewer the tiles a players opens before guessing a photo, the more points.

The official description provides you with everything you need to know:

“Guess what is displayed on the photo by revealing it tile by tile. But be aware; the less tiles you open up, the more coins you will earn. You will need these coins to get though all 4 levels in the game. In total there are 600 images which you need to solve. Good luck!”

This highly rated free app has seen plenty of downloads the most notable aspect of the puzzle game is the sheer breath of content. Four levels have players guessing 600 images — meaning prepare to spend a fair amount of time guessing the various photos.

Like most quality apps, this puzzle game is available on all versions of Windows 8, from x86 to x64 and ARM, and the touch optimized interface makes it a good option for tablet users.

Click here to check out Photo Quizz on the Windows Store.

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