While Facebook may have said that it has no immediate plans of developing an official client for Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system, it is not stopping independent developers to come to rescue.

A bunch of Facebook apps are available in the Windows Store, some quite good, others not so.

One of the better ones is Photo Uploader for Facebook. This is not a Facebook client, as the name gives away, but a simple and easy app that allows users to upload hundreds of photos to their Facebook profile at one go without leaving the Metro UI.

Even better, the app comes with several photo effects (Instagram, anyone?) from auto-enhance, to action filters, and Polaroid. All effects can be applied by one tap — or click, if you prefer.

This free application supports unlimited uploads, however the larger the queue of images that is to be uploaded, the slower it performs. But luckily automatic retries are built-in for a robust upload experience.

The app comes with support for all version of Window 8 (x86, x64 and ARM builds), meaning it should come in real handy for Surface RT users that are hooked to the world’s most popular social network.

Click here to check out Photo Uploader for Facebook on the Windows Store.

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  • Mickey Lazar

    How long before Facebook bans this app?

    Looks spammy to me. Loading hundreds of photos into the system?