When it comes to contemporary platform games, few are better than Ubisoft’s Rayman franchise. The game publisher has already brought its popular platformer to the Windows Store in the form of Rayman Jungle Run.

The game offers 70 absolutely beautiful levels in 7 different worlds, and has you collecting lums thanks to the new powers like jump, punch and fly that are unlocked as the game progresses. And the trademark humor, bright visuals and colorful soundtrack is all part of the package.

So legendary is the game, that its official description itself is stuff of legends:

“The legendary platforming hero is back in a brand new adventure!”

And now the company has recently rolled out a new version of the game for Windows 8 and Windows RT, promising a fair few improvements to users of Microsoft’s flagship platform.

Not much has been revealed about this new version other than the facts that the title is now optimized for performance, and more importantly compatible with a few new devices — those powered by Intel’s increasingly popular Atom processors.

The popular game comes with a $2.99 price tag, but a free trial version is available for download. It can be installed and played on pretty much all versions of Microsoft’s flagship operating system from x86 and x64 builds to Windows RT tablets.

Click here to check out Rayman Jungle Run on the Windows Store.

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    I love this game!

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