Boy, RealNetworks has come a long way from the mid-90s when the company was the undisputed king of Internet streaming. But times change and call for adjustments, amendments, even full on transformations.

RealNetworks now develops everything from multimedia apps to casual PC and mobile games.

And one of the better apps to come from the former multimedia powerhouse is RealPlayer Daily. This free app is currently one of the most popular (and powerful) tools that brings clips from a number of popular video sharing services right in the Metro UI of a Windows 8 device.

The official description, before anything else:

“RealPlayer Daily Videos brings daily videos to you from around the world. Trying to keep track of the most popular videos on YouTube, Dailymotion, Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo and Bing can be hard. RealPlayer Daily Videos makes it easy by giving you the 5 must watch videos every day.

Looking for a specific video? RealPlayer Daily Videos’ search feature makes it easy to search the whole web for your favorite videos. Then watch the video instantly, or save it for later.”

This is obviously an official app, but the UI leaves a bit to be desired. It is wholly Metro — with a bright blue color palette but the layout is one area that could use a little touch up, even considering the fact that the latest update that went live yesterday brought this updated user interface.

Nevertheless, the focus of this app is fairly and squarely on serving the best video content from various websites. And judging by the ratings and downloads, it seems to doing a fine job.

The touch optimized app is available on both Windows 8 and Windows RT.

Click here to check out RealPlayer Daily Videos on the Windows Store.

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