Time for another creatively titled app. This one is actually the lite version of a premium photography app that goes by the name Selectiv, so along with a creative name it is also a bit of a play on words.

The app, as you may have guessed from the name and the image above, is all about adding selective effects to images. Special effects can be applied to both foreground and background objects, and this makes bringing creative results to images and photographs an absolute snap.

A look at the official description:

“Bring out the story in your photo! Use selective effects to get incredible results. Just paint over the subject of your image to make it really pop out. The set of well-designed effects will open a world of amazing possibilities for your photographs. Independently adjust the looks of the subject and the background to highlight what you want to show in the image.”

There are a few apps already available on the Windows Store that allow for selective coloring, but Selectiv takes this one step further by throwing in all sorts of wacky and crazy effects — well designed effects, as a matter of fact.

Zooming in and out of images is easy, and tools like exposure, contrast, oversaturation and desaturation, blur and sharpen provide powerful options.

Examples and simple tutorials are included, and the app allows sharing of artistic creations straight from within. Desktop versions of Windows 8 are supported, as are ARM based processors, but DirectX 11.0 is recommended for hardware acceleration for higher resolution images.

Click here to check out Selectiv Light on the Windows Store.

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  1. Hey there,
    Just ran across this site. Looks like a great resource and we’re especially going to like this feature. How often do you run the ‘App Watch’ feature? With regards to the app, does it maintain resolution after editing and saving the image?
    Cheers and great job on the site!
    Sent from our Surface RT

    • App Watch happens several times a week. I’ll let Fahad answer the rest.

      Thanks for the attention. 🙂

    • Thanks for your comment, Brad. 🙂 As Onuora mentioned below, App Watch is (almost) a daily feature, five times a week. Though there are days very occasionally when it is not run, for various reasons. But 99% of the time you will find it here after the daily dose of news and reports.

      As for the image resolution that depends on how large the dimensions are. But it does include support or high resolution photos, and it includes a ‘Finishing touch’ feature towards the very end that lets you crop your image after editing. And it includes an option for keeping the original dimensions.

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