While the Windows 8 platform may still be waiting for that killer app (or game) that other competing platforms have enjoyed over the years, it is seeing some quality additions in the entertainment section.

One of the better ones available is Slot Machine, and as the name suggests, the app put a virtual slot machine in the palm of your hand (or desktop, for that matter). Nine different themed slots are currently available, offering countless hours of fun for the entire family.

And better yet, the app is continually updated, with the latest update adding new themed machines, including Electric Avenue, Cute Kitty Cash and Slot of Egypt. Now who can say no to that!

The official description details it best:

“Play the slots with Slot Machine for Windows 8, the most fun you can have without going to the casino! With tons of machines, and bonus features, you are sure to have a good time! Slot Machine currently has 9 machines with more being added all the time! Keep spinning to earn experience and gain levels so that you can unlock new machines! If you love fun slot machines, with great themes, awesome sounds and tons of winnings then download Slot Machine for Windows 8 today!”

One thing this app has going for itself is outstanding presentation — audio as well as graphics are top-notch on all slot machines, and really help in creating an immersive experience.

The app is available for all Windows 8 platforms (x86, x64 and ARM) and comes with a freeware license.

Click here to check out Slot Machine on the Windows Store.

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  1. You media type just cannot resist a stab at MS, Windows 8, Store, and the line of Surface products. You seem to think MS should have had 4,000,000,000,000,000 (that’s a quadrillion if you don’t know) Apps in the Store after a few short months.

    I am sure if you look back when iCrap was introduced it did NOT have the number of “killer game” apps (July 10, 2008 – 500 3rd party apps total according to that dead guy Jobs) and NO “killer game” apps it now has nor did Android (March 2009 – 2,300) and again NO “killer game” apps.

    Windows8update & Windows8enterprise (same site different names) are always fast to rain praise on the iCrap products and how you love using them but Slam the products you are here to report on with only a short test period.

    March 14, 2013 was that last time this site reported on “30 Days with Surface Pro which was Day 8” and your still configuring it with no report in 5 days now. When do you plan on finally using the thing?
    At this rate I will have been in the Korean Army (mandatory 21 month service between Korean age 18 & 29) and out before you finish “30 Days with Surface Pro”.

    Maybe it is time you take a step back and look at your mission statement and decide if your here to report on Windows 8 or continue being iCrap faniboiz & fanigurls. If you decide on the later then perhaps it is best to change the name of both sites.

    source for app figures:wikipedia

    • There was nothing about iFanboyism in this article, as they aren’t Apple fanboys i can believe, but true it is there is room for more enhanced apps, especially on game fields. It was not about quantity here but more like quality (killer apps). There are some real good ones, but also many useless, so more high-end ones could arrive….

      And what the site, hmmmm, this site group is quite a nice place to read about the platform news and have conversations….with better manners than yours is

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