App Watch: The Big Picture

If you have an interest in either photography or news, chances are you have already stumbled upon The Big Picture section of The Boston Globe. If not, then prepare to be dazzled.

Dubbed, News Stories in Photographs, this is a photo blog that lets the images do the talking. Every image in each gallery is accompanied by a few lines detailing the picture. And the images are just remarkably amazing — you will not stop once you start.

The official photojournalism app has actually been available for some time now at the Windows Store, and has registered a large number of downloads and an appropriately high rating.

Here is the official description, by the way:

“The Big Picture, an award-winning photo blog from, presents news stories through high-quality photographs from around the world. New entries are posted every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.”

Essentially, this is a basic app that sets out to do simple things like brining the images directly to your Windows 8 device, as well as offer search functionality.

Entries, as noted above, are posted three days a week. Each and every gallery is handpicked in accordance with world events and seasons, ensuring that they are always interesting.

And the app is occasionally updated. The latest update, for example, has the app recompiled for the newer version of the operating system (Windows 8.1, of course), along with a few minor bug fixes.

Like all quality aps, this one supports all versions of Windows 8, including ARM based ones.

Click here to check out The Big Picture on the Windows Store.